Executive Officers

President:                                                        Orlando M. Mateus

Vice-President:                                               Pedro Pereira

Secretary:                                                       Ana Isabel dos Reis- Couto

Treasurer:                                                       Pedro Pereira

Fundraising Chair:                                         Brianna Medeiros

Public Relations Chair:                                  Maria João Martins



Assistant Secretary:                                      Lina Cabral

Marketing Director                                        Elizabeth Silva

Marketing/ Public Relations Assistant:       Diana Afonso

Marketing/ Public Relations Assistant:       Eileen Afonso

IT Director:                                                      Manuel P. Lopes

Webmaster:                                                    Marco C. Pais

Website Director:                                           Sabrina Brum

Attorney:                                                         Susan A. Pacheco, Esq.

Accountant:                                                    Luis M. Lourenço, CPA, CCIFP, CGMA

Event Coordinators

Arraial Entertainment:                                 Jimmy “Jam” Ferreira

Arraial Beverage Concession:                     Fatima Pereira

Arraial Food Concessions:                           

Parade:                                                           Manuel DaCosta

Parade:                                                           Sergio De Sousa Rosa 

Parade Marching Bands:                              Joe Pereira

Golf Tournament:                                          Al Pereira 

Miss Day of Portugal Pageant:                Suzette Sousa

Day of Portugal Palm Sunday Breakfast:   Al Nunes

Festival de Gastronomia e Folclore:                    

Ranchos Folclóricos:                                    

Torneio de Tiro aos Pratos:                          

Volunteer Coordinator:                                 Alberto Saraiva

RI State House Ceremony:                           SenatorJessica de la Cruz

Bilingual Calendar Art Contest:                   Dr. Silvia Oliveira

Scholarship coordinator:                             Paula Schiavone

Graphic Designer:                                         Chad Johnson

Graphic Designer:                                         Eric Irving

Photographer:                                               Tony Avila

Photographer:                                               Joe Quaresma


Class of 2020: Three year term expires June 30, 2020

Marie Fraley​

José Borges

Victor Santos

Class of 2019: Three year term expires June 30, 2019

Al Nunes, Chairman

Luis  Lourenço


Class of 2018: Three year term expires June 30, 2018

Fernanda Silva

Manuel DaCosta

João Patita


Class of 2017: Three year term expires June 30, 2017

João Luis Morgado Pacheco

António Ambrósio

Sílvia Oliveira, Ph.D.

Day of Portugal and Portuguese Heritage in RI, Inc.

P.O. Box 9464, Providence, Rhode Island 02940

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