Why Volunteer?

RI Day of Portugal Family

We would like recognize the volunteers who have logged countless hours for RI Day of Portugal and the community.   These individuals have been the backbone of RI DoP and have lifted the Portuguese community to a new level.


Lidia Alves: 15+ yrs.

Marie Fraley: 14 yrs.

Daniel DaPonte: 12 yrs.

João Pacheco: 12 yrs.

Al Nunes: 11 yrs.

Marco Pais: 7 yrs.

Jimmy "Jam" Ferreira 6 yrs.

Susan Pacheco: 5 yrs.

Luís Lourenço: 5 yrs.

José Borges: 5 yrs.

Maria João Martins: 5 yrs.

Al Pereira: 3 yrs.

César Teixeira: 3 yrs.

Lina Cabral: 2 yrs.


The RI Day of Portugal volunteers are the foundation of the organization. We simply cannot exist without dedicated individuals who routinely show up and work hard for the betterment of our community. Our Volunteers are the heartbeat of RI Day of Portugal

We’ve worked hard! Together we’ve accomplished so much. Seeing the positive results is extremely gratifying. Relationships and friendships were built in the process.  We’ve become what is called the RI DoP family.


Our success depends on our volunteers. Won’t you join us? An hour, a day, a shift at a concession or help on a committee, whatever time and talent you can spare is an enormous help. Whatever you give to RI Day of Portugal, stays here in the Rhode Island Portuguese-American community!


Our scholarship program benefits our youth, and is a catalyst that directly benefits future generations.


Please spread the word, participate, and bring friends to all RI DoP events. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!


JOIN US in 2019!  We are looking forward to an EXCITING, PRODUCTIVE, PROSPEROUS, and most importantly FUN year.


Volunteering is inspiring.Volunteering builds communities. Volunteering enriches lives.

JOIN US IN 2019!

Become a Volunteer!

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